The Ruboto team is proud to announce the release of Ruboto 0.10.1.

Ruboto (JRuby on Android) is a platform for developing full stand-alone apps for Android using the Ruby language and libraries. It includes support libraries and generators for creating projects, classes, tests, and more. The complete APIs of Android, Java, and Ruby are available to you using the Ruby language.

New in version 0.10.1:

This release updates JRuby to version 1.7.1 and updates the RubotoCore platform apk significantly. The location of the Ruby Standard Library inside the RubotoCore platform apk has been moved to /jruby.home due to new restrictions set by Google Play Store. Also the manual download site for the RubotoCore platform apk has moved due to GitHub shutting down their download area:


  • Issue #302 Order attributes in AndroidManifest.xml to reduce noise on update
  • Issue #317 rake reinstall task
  • Issue #325 Verify that “adb” is in path and use it to find ANDROID_HOME
  • Issue #328 Replace github downloads


  • Issue #297 Start-up progress appearing late
  • Issue #307 ruboto gen key –alias … is ignored
  • Issue #308 rake publish keystore security ambiguity
  • Issue #309 Bug: rake publish refers to the wrong “…-unsigned.apk” file
  • Issue #312 ruboto gen key defaults to certificate with 6 months to live
  • Issue #313 ruboto publish tries to create final HelloRuboto.apk file twice
  • Issue #315 rake publish / keytool password inconsistency
  • Issue #330 Random NPEs when changing from ServerList to GlobalChat Activity


  • Issue #273 Ouya support
  • Issue #310 android in PATH but Ruboto clueless as to ANDROID_HOME
  • Issue #319 Hello Ruboto app takes 10+ seconds to load on real Galaxy S III
  • Issue #320 Monkeypatching?
  • Issue #324 Faster Ruboto apps with NDK?
  • Issue #326 Kindle support?
  • Issue #327 Blackberry support?
  • Issue #331 Command doesnt work “ruboto gen app”


  • Issue #318 Ruboto vector logo

Pull requests:

  • Issue #311 Added ANDROID_HOME tip to README
  • Issue #321 Fixed signing bug

You can find a complete list of issues here:



To use Ruboto, you need to install a Java JDK, the Android SDK, Apache ANT, and a Ruby implementation. Then do (possibly as root)

gem install ruboto

To create a project do

ruboto gen app --package <>

You can find an introductory tutorial at

If you have any problems or questions, come see us at


– The Ruboto Team

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06 January 2013