Subject: [ANN] Ruboto 9K is here!

Since JRuby 9K was released in 2015 there have been efforts to get the current JRuby running on Android. Limited resources and shifting targets where JRuby, the Android platform, and the tooling all progressed very quickly, made it impossible to make a Ruboto version that worked across all the different components.

Now, in the new year of 2019 we have success! This is mostly due to redefining what the goal is, and the Android platform catching up with the requirements of JRuby 9K.

Ruboto 9K has started as a proof of concept application located on GitHub:

While we stabilize the platform we will update the README with the steps you need to take to use JRuby in your project.


While Ruboto 1.x had the ambition to be a complete toolchain for developing Android apps using primarily Ruby, we now aim to let Google do the work for us. Use Android Studio to create and develop your apps and add JRuby as a regular dependency. We will offer some guides and sample code to get you started, but the basic setup is really simple. Later we will collect the most common integration code into a maven package you can add alongside started JRuby. If someone feels the need, we could add some plugins to Android Studio for convenience.

Since the required packages for JRuby 9K are only available in Android 8+, that is the earliest version of Android we will support.

If you have any questions or want to contribute, we would love to hear from you.


– The Ruboto Team

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06 January 2019